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Kentex Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope with Silver Head and Colored Tube, Purple

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20 boxes
Part Number:104415PU
 Kentron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope is designed to detect the entire
    spectrum of Heart and Lung Sounds. It is five Stethoscopes in one for a full
    range of Diagnostic capability that is proven to listen more faint heart
    sounds and murmurs compare to all Stethoscopes combined.

    Silver Anodized Head

    All components are individually machined and precisely assembled.

    Chrome plated Zinc chest piece equipped with a full rotational dual output
    Acoustic valve stem.

    Strict tolerance control and valve mechanism ensure smooth valve rotation
    and acoustic transmission.

    The chest piece enables users to switch between adult and pediatric
    diaphragms and Bells with ease.

    Adjustable chrome plated brass binaurals.

    Latex free double tube configuration.

    Accessories: One pair regular eartips, One pair Mushroom eartips, Two
    Spare Diaphragms and 3 Bells (Adult, Pediatric, Infant)